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Dr. Loren Borud: Uses Minimally Invasive Technique in his Breast Augmentation Procedure

More and more people consider undergoing breast augmentation procedure, especially those gay men who want to achieve fuller, big breasts. However, breast augmentation surgery leaves scars to a patient. Good thing the world-renowned and seasoned plastic surgeon, Dr. Loren Borud, has recently introduced the public to the idea of video-assisted endoscopic surgery. Although this approach is already widespread in the medical field, only a few people are actually familiar with this procedure. This surgery leaves no scars due to large incisions to a patient. For example, only a small number of gallbladders are removed the conventional way these days using large incisions. These large incisions in the abdominal area are likely to leave scars, but through video-assisted endoscopic surgery, unwanted scars be avoided. Hence, this inspired Dr. Borud to apply as a minimally invasive technique to his cosmetic surgery practice.

The video-assisted endoscopic surgery has allowed Dr. Borud to place the scars in a location favorable to the patient’s benefit. He can now place breast implants under the pectoralis muscle through smaller incisions in the axillae. Thus, there will be fewer or no scars at all on the breasts, which will most definitely preferred by patients. This is made possible because the endoscope provides surgeons an excellent and accurate view when they have to place breast implants on the usual position. It can only affect minimal bleeding even though small incisions are necessary in the armpit areas. So far, most breast augmentation patients of Dr. Borud are very satisfied with the results. This has given them the chance to not worry about other people discovering their scars they have gotten from the said procedure. This minimally invasive technique now includes in the practice of Dr. Borud as one of his specialties as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Loren Borud has more than two decades of medical practice and eight years as an assistant professor. He has also authored some books that are popular in the plastic surgery arena entitled “Plastikonomics”. Dr. Borud uses his extensive experience to provide consulting services to help patients who have to take into consideration the pieces of advice of experts before undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

All about proteins and weight loss

There is a lot of talk about proteins and their importance to the human body. The fact is that most people treat this matter superficially, ending up in having a poor health. The truth is that getting rid of extra pounds does not mean starving yourself and denying your body its basic needs. Weight loss is a difficult process, which requires time and a lot of exercise. If you want to have the figure you dreamed of, then learn all about protein supplements and where to find the best products on the market. For instance, a great option when trying to lose weight is going online ans visiting, which offers you natural and professional help.

Proteiner are molecules with a crucial role in the human cells, helping them to regenerate. The idea is that our muscles are made up of proteins, so if you want to increase your muscle mass you will most definitely need to have a high protein diet. Dishes which include fish, eggs, milk or soy, nuts or certain vegetables are considered to be great natural sources. With the proper amount of vitamins, fibers and proteins, your organism will have sufficient energy to complete all the daily activities. In a weight loss program, your lifestyle is altered. The aim is to live in a balanced manner, without eating too much and always going for healthy food. At first, there is the possibility of feeling tired and exhausted, which is why you should start considering using food supplements. Moreover, studies have shown that there is a strong link between a high protein diet and a a great weight loss. The body produces more insulin, as your carbohydrate level grows, which disables it from burning fat. If you consume products like fish, chicken and eggs, you can achieve the right amount of proteins and avoiding a large quantity of carbs.

One you have incorporated sport in your life, fitness exercises have to be performed on a regular basis and in a correct manner. It is good to know the kreatin helps you build up that energy level you need in order to perform an intensive fitness program. Additionally, a high protein diet will provide you with the necessary amount of creatine. In the world of bodybuilders, creatine supplements are used in order to get twice as much energy. However, this substance shouldn’t be part of a long term diet, because research has discovered one of the side effects as being asthma. Clearly, this is product that should be used carefully and in a moderate manner.

Whatever your diet choices might be, remember to buy all your supplements form reliable providers. Looking online can bring you a lot of benefits, as you have a wider option range from which to choose. For example, visiting the website will not only provide you with trustworthy products, like protein powder, energy drink, fat burning supplements, but also helpful articles on recent discoveries regarding health issues, weight loss tips and diets. So, try to make the best of the market and go for the best possible choices.

To Not to Chose or To Chose Cord Blood Banking

No one denied the fact that Medical science is evolving rapidly and with the new inventions regularly in this field, it seems that still we are in initials when it comes to medical science improvement. One of such entities’ that has revolutionized medicine is cord blood banking. Research has already proved that cord blood is rich source of stem cells that are already being utilized in regenerative medicine. The question that arises after understanding this basic concept is how can you collect cord blood and what will they do with it. Cord blood banking is the new era in medical science wherein you can save your newborn babies cord blood for further use to the baby or any other blood related relative. Otherwise you do have option to donate your babies cord blood for further research or for the needy which otherwise will be discarded as medical waste.

Immediately after the invention of presence of stem cells in cord blood and their importance in regenerative medicine many private facilities came up with an idea of cord blood banking for newborn babies in exchange for some fees. Along with them private institutions government facilities also have shown interest in accepting donated cord blood that is used for the needy patients or for the research purposes.

However along with these developments there stated a debate about the effectiveness, usefulness and necessity of saving cord blood of a newborn. Some thing that it is an expensive endeavor whereas some think that it is an important venture as it can be used in the future to treat various medical ailments of the child as well of the family because you are never warned when you are diagnosed with deadly diseases.

Recent revelations in the effectiveness of cord blood has evenly highlighted the importance of stem cells present in cord blood to treat some serious diseases like cancer, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many such deadly ailments. However, as of now it is a best option to think of cord blood banking as one of the safest options to ensure you protect your child and your family from future threats of certain deadly diseases.


For those who love to cook, eat and salivate, cuisine magazines are a necessary indulgence. As famous British novelist, Virginia Wolfe, once said:“One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.”Cuisine magazines offer exciting culinary possibilities from fresh new recipes to foodie events as well as an insight into some of the finest restaurants to date. For those tempted by the thought of a cuisine magazine subscription or giving one as a gift, I’ll let you know what delicacies are most likely to be sizzling within the pages.

On the table of the 21st century, it’s not uncommon that most people have specific dietary needs. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or simple want to lose a bit of that extra weight, Cuisine magazines are guaranteed to have advice and recipes for everyone. They inform not only of trends in international food and beverages but give practical advice through recipe sections. Stimulating photography serves inspiration quite literally on a plate.Dinner parties with friends and family always provides an excellent opportunity to show off cooking skills. New Zealand’s best cuisine magazines offer home entertainment ideas from casual meals to birthday dinner. Most magazines offer great ‘best buy’ recipes and more often than not offer hot discount coupons.

Personality features with top chefs, food stylists and writers make for a great read have as they such a passion for cuisine.  We can also get a glimpse behind the scenes of top restaurants and are invited to see the goals and what drives the best of the best in the food world. The problem with cooking books is that you can’t taste before you buy however, reviews can help out a lot. From how the food tastes to how easy the recipes are to follow, New Zealand cuisine magazines will help you decide.

Within almost every cuisine magazine you will find a calendar highlighted with key dates. Calendars are abundant with useful information on upcoming events, cooking tours, wine tastings and cooking competitions. We must admit that due to all of the beautiful cooking shows recently gracing our screens,we would love to be up there doing the same. Specialised cooking classes are also advertised, so check them out if you find you are lacking a certain “Je ne sais quo”.

Cuisine will always be one of the most therapeutic activities the world has to offer. Simply nothing compares to delighting family and friends with a cooked meal or sweet desserts; food is the way to anybody’s heart. Discover New Zealand’s most inspiring cuisine magazines, soget cooking with the opportunity to create a master chef dish of your own. Check out subscriptions online as they are nicely discounted compared to ones sold at retail price.

6 Effective Methods To Kill The Puffing

Modern psychological challenges and the best trWhen smokers make the important decision to quit the habit, they are taking steps towards enhancing their lives. When you quit smoking, you add quality years to your life. While some smokers may find it easy to quit smoking, most find it quite difficult and they have to deal with numerous withdrawal symptoms.

No smoking
Nicotine withdrawal is difficult to deal with and the cravings cause many people to fall back into the habit. Several methods can help people to stop smoking. A combination of the methods can be very effective for most smokers.
• Nicotine replacement
Nicotine replacement therapy is a form of therapy where nicotine is fed into the body over a period in order to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Most people go back to smoking because they cannot deal with the symptoms, but with this therapy, the body is still getting a nicotine fix from a different source. The nicotine replacement comes in many forms including gum, patches, sprays, inhalers or lozenges.
The method that is proving to be most successful is the use of electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarettes allow smokers to get the smoking sensation and the nicotine fix, while avoiding harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. From a psychological point of view, the e-cigs are very effective.
• Counseling or therapy
It is very important to get support and encouragement when trying to stop smoking. Those who have been smoking for years find it very helpful to seek the services of a therapist. A therapist will take the smoker through various cessation programs that can include one-on-one counseling, as well as group counseling.
There are several programs available and most of them include 30-minute sessions over a couple of weeks. This form of intervention is very helpful for smokers who are dealing with underlying issues such as low self-esteem.
• Acupuncture
Acupuncture has proven to be very effective in curbing the desire to smoke. Those who have sought this alternative treatment say that they lose the desire to smoke after going through the sessions. The process of acupuncture involves inserting needles in the pressure points that are related to smoking. The results differ from one individual to another and it is important to use acupuncture alongside other methods.
Artsy needles on mom’s back
• Hypnosis
Hypnosis can help to relax the mind to a point where the desire to smoke is replaced with a more positive habit. The hypnotist recounts all the negative results of smoking, and many people who have gone through the hypnosis have claimed instant results. While some may experience instant results after one session, others require several sessions before they can kick the habit completely.
Critics of hypnosis as a method to quit smoking claim that the results are temporary and the smoker soon goes back to the habit when they are not as relaxed. Like with acupuncture, it is important to use hypnosis alongside other methods.

• Relaxation techniques
This is quite similar to hypnosis and is effective for those who reach for cigarettes when they are stressed. People can learn new relaxation techniques, which can help them to deal with stress, and they include meditation, Yoga, deep breathing exercises and even massage. These techniques have proven to be effective as they help to clear the mind and the body. The exercises can be carried out anywhere and once the smoker learns the techniques, they do not have to depend on professional services.
• Support programs
Many support programs help people who are struggling with the smoking habit. The programs can be online or telephone based, but those who prefer face-to-face support can also find support groups in their area. The programs are especially helpful when the urge to smoke comes up. The smoker can turn to an ex-smoker who can offer words of encouragement. The programs usually have counselors who are available for those who require extra support.

The best way to achieve successful long-term results is to use a combination of the methods. When choosing a method to quit smoking, you need to know that different people experience different results. Some people get over the habit with no difficulty, while others can struggle for years. It is important to change habits and stay away from situations that can lead to temptations to smoke. That might mean avoiding some people and staying away from your favorite joints.eatments for the mind

Some Beauty Secrets help you to identify and solve your skin issues

There are various Beauty Secrets you can apply in your routine in the form of good treatments. First of all you should take good sleep at least 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep daily. Secondly, try to remove the whole stress in your mind that becomes the main reason behind the sensitivity of the skin. You can do this by adopting meditation process in your life.

Meditation can help you so much to get rid from all the physical and mental stress that you often intake in your daily routine jobs.

If you are a sufferer of any skin related problem of you, it would be the great start for you if you become successful to identify what type of your skin is; dry, oily or sensitive. If you have oily skin, there is no point to buy skin care products that are designed to treat oily skin. For any doubt about your skin, contact your nearest dermatologist for having good consultation and they also help you to identify your skin type so that you can get it back on the right track that it was some time ago. There are some points to be considered that are also the effective Beauty Secrets.

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Avoid as much as possible clinical treatments to get healthy skin

There are available various types of skin treatments in the various skin clinics. One of the most common problems of skin, there is tanning the main and worst problem. There are also provided the therapy of tanning on the skin clinics. The treatment can be done by tanning beds. Tanning salons are totally based on the tanning treatments. Tanning beds may become the cause of cancer because your skin exposes to high amount of radiation. Avoiding tanning bed all the time may help you to prevent from such radiations that may cause skin cancer or skin disease.

Rather than these treatments, it is much better to take full sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily to have a better skin. This is the main and fruitful secret of Beauty Care.

You can get the best Beauty Care treatments through herbal products that contain no harmful chemicals that create side effects on skin. You can have better skin if you can control over your stress. Excess stress may cause skin to become more sensitive. Try relaxation methods or find an activity that helps you to forget about these stresses. You can do meditation at your home to feel relax and better than before.

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Makeup ideas and tips help you to look great and confident on wedding

Wedding is the only event that comes in life with special events that stayed on the mind that never forgettable in the form of memories. Wedding is one of the events in your life that you never want to leave no any stone unturned on preparations. You have to look best from all the ladies who will presents on your wedding. For looking best, you have to apply some makeup tips for your wedding that help you to look fabulous and gorgeous.

Foundation – you may also use foundation on your makeup that can hide blemishes and marks on your face from each and every angle and your face looks different from others that look elegant and attractive. For making your photograph good and attractive to show in front of everyone in future, the foundation is the best option.

Eyebrow: For making your eyebrows looks attractive, use some colors that are highlighted but not shiny. You can use pearl white and cream for getting perfect look of your eyebrows.

Lips: You can also use the lipstick to make elegant the look of your lips. Never use shinier colors of lipstick it looks awkward. Use the lipstick of light color or skin color to make your lips natural looking. That is one of the important makeup tips for wedding.

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Buy only organic beauty care products to safeguard your skin and hair

Beauty is the most important aspect for the ladies also for the gentlemen today. There are large numbers of options available for the cosmetics and beauty care products for facial, bleaching and other types of massages creams and shampoos available for hair care also for both ladies and gentlemen separately. The direct contact of the UV rays is most dangerous for your skin; in that case the sunscreen lotion or soaps are not enough to safeguard your skin from sunlight.

You need to go for saloon or parlor from time to time to apply herbal bleach or facial for the shine of the skin. There are now various beauty care creams, lotions, soaps and other accessories available that you can use them at your home. But all the creams and accessories are not hygienic because they have some side effects because they are not made from 100% natural products; some are made off from the chemicals that may harm our skin.

For beauty care, you have to use only trusted lotions or creams and soaps that have no any side effects and that are pure herbal. You can buy the herbal products online in some cases they priced some extra but they are made from pure natural products that are not harmful and total effective.

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Different beauty tips for looking different for every woman

Nowadays, each and every woman wants to look beautiful in the parties, offices, occasions and on different places. For looking beautiful, they use today different types of latest techniques and beauty tips like, facial, bleach, cleansing and much more. When a woman feels good about herself inside and outside, she will definitely get more confidence in taking special attention of the peoples to take her more seriously than before. For having the beautiful eyes, you can use layered makeup techniques.

This is one of the best beauty tips for looking of your eyes big just like a hind. You should apply a primer in your eye lids first of all gently and apply a dust foundation powder on your face to look your face shiny and beautiful. And secondly, you can use shadow on your eyes of matching color or clothes that makes your look gorgeous in parties and occasions. You can use special mascara or eye liner to look your eyes bigger.

There are different types of wardrobes and outfits available in the market you can use in the parties for looking stunning and beautiful that makes you different from others. You can trim your eyebrows and gloss your lips with eye gloss that is similar to your lips color. There are some smart beauty tips that you can use in the parties.

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