6 Effective Methods To Kill The Puffing

Modern psychological challenges and the best trWhen smokers make the important decision to quit the habit, they are taking steps towards enhancing their lives. When you quit smoking, you add quality years to your life. While some smokers may find it easy to quit smoking, most find it quite difficult and they have to deal with numerous withdrawal symptoms.

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Nicotine withdrawal is difficult to deal with and the cravings cause many people to fall back into the habit. Several methods can help people to stop smoking. A combination of the methods can be very effective for most smokers.
• Nicotine replacement
Nicotine replacement therapy is a form of therapy where nicotine is fed into the body over a period in order to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Most people go back to smoking because they cannot deal with the symptoms, but with this therapy, the body is still getting a nicotine fix from a different source. The nicotine replacement comes in many forms including gum, patches, sprays, inhalers or lozenges.
The method that is proving to be most successful is the use of electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarettes allow smokers to get the smoking sensation and the nicotine fix, while avoiding harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. From a psychological point of view, the e-cigs are very effective.
• Counseling or therapy
It is very important to get support and encouragement when trying to stop smoking. Those who have been smoking for years find it very helpful to seek the services of a therapist. A therapist will take the smoker through various cessation programs that can include one-on-one counseling, as well as group counseling.
There are several programs available and most of them include 30-minute sessions over a couple of weeks. This form of intervention is very helpful for smokers who are dealing with underlying issues such as low self-esteem.
• Acupuncture
Acupuncture has proven to be very effective in curbing the desire to smoke. Those who have sought this alternative treatment say that they lose the desire to smoke after going through the sessions. The process of acupuncture involves inserting needles in the pressure points that are related to smoking. The results differ from one individual to another and it is important to use acupuncture alongside other methods.
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• Hypnosis
Hypnosis can help to relax the mind to a point where the desire to smoke is replaced with a more positive habit. The hypnotist recounts all the negative results of smoking, and many people who have gone through the hypnosis have claimed instant results. While some may experience instant results after one session, others require several sessions before they can kick the habit completely.
Critics of hypnosis as a method to quit smoking claim that the results are temporary and the smoker soon goes back to the habit when they are not as relaxed. Like with acupuncture, it is important to use hypnosis alongside other methods.

• Relaxation techniques
This is quite similar to hypnosis and is effective for those who reach for cigarettes when they are stressed. People can learn new relaxation techniques, which can help them to deal with stress, and they include meditation, Yoga, deep breathing exercises and even massage. These techniques have proven to be effective as they help to clear the mind and the body. The exercises can be carried out anywhere and once the smoker learns the techniques, they do not have to depend on professional services.
• Support programs
Many support programs help people who are struggling with the smoking habit. The programs can be online or telephone based, but those who prefer face-to-face support can also find support groups in their area. The programs are especially helpful when the urge to smoke comes up. The smoker can turn to an ex-smoker who can offer words of encouragement. The programs usually have counselors who are available for those who require extra support.

The best way to achieve successful long-term results is to use a combination of the methods. When choosing a method to quit smoking, you need to know that different people experience different results. Some people get over the habit with no difficulty, while others can struggle for years. It is important to change habits and stay away from situations that can lead to temptations to smoke. That might mean avoiding some people and staying away from your favorite joints.eatments for the mind