Apply some beauty secrets to make your skin healthy

There are many cosmetics like shampoos, hair oil, lotions, and sunscreen lotions and many other different creams, powders and bleaches available in the market of the world. But all the cosmetics are not as healthy for our skins as they have some side effects because of having some harmful chemicals and ammonias. If you are applying some beauty secrets of home in your skin, you will definitely be protected with having some side effects.

Egg is the best item for cleansing and health for your skin as it not really healthy for your diet. You just need to put some raw eggs on the bowl and rub on your skin and leave it until it dry on your skin. After sometime of being dried, gently wash your skin and you will definitely feel some change in your skin. Your skin will glowing more than before using eggs on your skin. This is one of the best beauty secrets in the world that are applied from the older days.

Rubbing with your hands in your face will create wrinkles and crashes that show aging before the age of getting older. There are many beauty secrets available in the internet that helps you much in getting beauty.