Dr. Hitesh K Patel – Serving The World Through Patel Eye Associates

If the highest quality of eye care needs to be assured, then one can safely rely on the services provided by Hitesh Eye Associates. Services offered by the board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Hitesh K Patel Edison are exemplary and every possible problem related to the health of the eyes is dealt with professionally as well as with full satisfaction. The clinics associated with Patel Eye associates specialize in treatment of LASIK, Keratconus, Presbyopia, Pterygium surgery, Macular Degeneration along with the treatment of usual problems like Cataracts and vision correction.

The treatments offered by Dr. Patel are explained in great detail to the patients to clear every doubt. The Associate is using a number of innovative methods and techniques to make the patients and their attendants familiar with the procedures followed in carrying out the treatment. The techniques used to perform surgery are the best in the industry and are in consonance with the present times.

Use of endoscopic procedure is encouraged for the treatment of glaucoma and related diseases. Keratoconus patients are provided with hybrid lenses for improved vision. Bifocal implants done by Dr. Hitesh are very popular and people do not hesitate to recommend them to needy relatives and friends. The associate is not confined to providing world class treatments only. They also believe in educating the patients regarding the ailments they are suffering from.

Technology rich procedures like instructional videos and Eyemaginations are employed for detailed description of diseases and treatment related procedures to the patients. This thorough guidance helps patients and care takers to deal with the changes that are expected to occur post-surgery. Keeping the patients informed about the procedures in advance has been able to build confidence among them

Patel Eye Associates, under the guidance of ace ophthalmologist, Dr. Hitesh K Patel Edison, has been able to develop well-equipped offices and clinics. Patients need not move from one office to other for different consultations and treatments.

Not having perfect vision is a very common problem and a variety of lenses have come into fashion which are easy to use and good to look at. Suitable corrective lenses are offered to patients after thorough examination of eyes under expert supervision of eye care specialists at all the associated offices and clinics.

Apart from medical help, Dr. Hitesh has worked towards building up a spectacle-free world. LASIK procedures offered at his associate clinics are found to be helpful to patients who are looking for alternative to spectacles and lenses.