Dr. Loren Borud: Uses Minimally Invasive Technique in his Breast Augmentation Procedure

More and more people consider undergoing breast augmentation procedure, especially those gay men who want to achieve fuller, big breasts. However, breast augmentation surgery leaves scars to a patient. Good thing the world-renowned and seasoned plastic surgeon, Dr. Loren Borud, has recently introduced the public to the idea of video-assisted endoscopic surgery. Although this approach is already widespread in the medical field, only a few people are actually familiar with this procedure. This surgery leaves no scars due to large incisions to a patient. For example, only a small number of gallbladders are removed the conventional way these days using large incisions. These large incisions in the abdominal area are likely to leave scars, but through video-assisted endoscopic surgery, unwanted scars be avoided. Hence, this inspired Dr. Borud to apply as a minimally invasive technique to his cosmetic surgery practice.

The video-assisted endoscopic surgery has allowed Dr. Borud to place the scars in a location favorable to the patient’s benefit. He can now place breast implants under the pectoralis muscle through smaller incisions in the axillae. Thus, there will be fewer or no scars at all on the breasts, which will most definitely preferred by patients. This is made possible because the endoscope provides surgeons an excellent and accurate view when they have to place breast implants on the usual position. It can only affect minimal bleeding even though small incisions are necessary in the armpit areas. So far, most breast augmentation patients of Dr. Borud are very satisfied with the results. This has given them the chance to not worry about other people discovering their scars they have gotten from the said procedure. This minimally invasive technique now includes in the practice of Dr. Borud as one of his specialties as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Loren Borud has more than two decades of medical practice and eight years as an assistant professor. He has also authored some books that are popular in the plastic surgery arena entitled “Plastikonomics”. Dr. Borud uses his extensive experience to provide consulting services to help patients who have to take into consideration the pieces of advice of experts before undergoing a cosmetic procedure.