How And When To Choose A Private Therapist?

These are difficult times. With a shaky economy, rising divorce rates, rampant downsizing and shaky families; is it any wonder that people are vulnerable emotionally and mentally?  Everyone gets overwhelmed at least once during their lifetime and sometimes it can push us into an ever-deepening spiral of addiction, depression and anxiety. At this point of time, it is necessary for you to recognize the need for help and get in touch with a professional.

According to Sharon Younkin, Ph.D, Director of Community Service Programs for the School of Medicine and Public Health, more than 30 million Americans undergo counseling and help every year to help them deal with emotional, physical, mental and sexual problems. Talented and trained professionals can make a significant difference in a patients’ life and actually improve quality of life and relationships. She says, ‘Awareness about mental problems has increased in the last decade and bias about the field has decreased considerably. In fact, most patients are willing to get professional help if it will help them improve and feel better and this is a huge benefit for the therapist as well as the patient.”

Understanding when you need help

Sharon Younkin states that most patients realize they need help and reach out to friends and family who can recommend a good therapist for help. She states that if you start to feel overwhelmed with prolonged feelings of helplessness and sadness and if you feel that your problems are not improving and you are finding it difficult to get on with day to day life; you should contact a professional for help immediately. She cautions friends and family and says that excessive work, excessive sadness, excessive happiness and cycling feelings should not be considered normal and they should help the patient get in touch with a counselor immediately. She also asks them to watch out for danger signs like aggression, drinking, drug abuse, and frequent absences from work which will require immediate intervention from friends and family.

Finding and choosing a good therapist

Most family doctors will be able to recommend a good therapist to help you deal with problems. You can also check with the American Psychologist Association to find a professional located close to your home. If you have medical insurance, your insurance agency will also be able to recommend an approved medical provider in the locality. Get in touch with the therapist and take an appointment right away to start treatment.