Know More About Youth Juice

If there was any one major development that completely changed the health and wellness industry, it is the invention of Youth Juice. This is a formulation by the YJ Sciences Inc. The main founder and president of the cooperation is Bob Edwards. He is a degree holder from the University of Manitoba where he graduated with a degree in chemistry and microbiology. He worked collaboratively with Lynda Perry in coming up with this powerful formulation. They were also assisted by various scientists from the University of British Columbia. An extensive research was conducted before various ingredients were selected.

The main ingredients that were used in the formulation of the juice include blueberries, red raspberries, boysenberries, elderberries, blackberries, black currants, and cranberries. These were combined with three sea vegetables. It took the researchers a four-year period before successfully formulating the juice. This resulted in the successful delivery of one of the most nutritious dietary supplements. The research was funded by a Research and Development Grant provided by the Canadian government.

Numerous success stories have been given by YJ clients. They are the major beneficiaries from the supplement. The benefits are mainly derived from earning commissions since members are given the right to distribute directly the supplement. Furthermore, half of the profits received by the company are used for funding charity. It has been able to finance some of the most common children’s charity organizations.

Contrary to what other companies do, YJ founders stand by their word. Their product delivers the health benefits enlisted by the company. These include; Improvement of the digestive track that leads to correction of imbalances in the intestines and eliminates toxins from the body. The supplement is also essential reducing cell damage. This is carried out by its powerful antioxidants which remove free radicals that are normally acquired from modern foods. The juice also helps those suffering from mood and energy swings. Moreover, the supplement also improves the respiratory tract.

YouthJuice has brought immense health benefits to many all over the world. Its profits are used in funding projects that target children in the society. The major investment areas are those areas that deal with childhood diseases and nutrition. The major contributors to the funds are brand partners and customers. Their efforts make a difference to the livelihoods of many children all over the world. All the philanthropic efforts of these contributors target children in different regions. This is aimed at reducing the number of children suffering from various maladies.