To Not to Chose or To Chose Cord Blood Banking

No one denied the fact that Medical science is evolving rapidly and with the new inventions regularly in this field, it seems that still we are in initials when it comes to medical science improvement. One of such entities’ that has revolutionized medicine is cord blood banking. Research has already proved that cord blood is rich source of stem cells that are already being utilized in regenerative medicine. The question that arises after understanding this basic concept is how can you collect cord blood and what will they do with it. Cord blood banking is the new era in medical science wherein you can save your newborn babies cord blood for further use to the baby or any other blood related relative. Otherwise you do have option to donate your babies cord blood for further research or for the needy which otherwise will be discarded as medical waste.

Immediately after the invention of presence of stem cells in cord blood and their importance in regenerative medicine many private facilities came up with an idea of cord blood banking for newborn babies in exchange for some fees. Along with them private institutions government facilities also have shown interest in accepting donated cord blood that is used for the needy patients or for the research purposes.

However along with these developments there stated a debate about the effectiveness, usefulness and necessity of saving cord blood of a newborn. Some thing that it is an expensive endeavor whereas some think that it is an important venture as it can be used in the future to treat various medical ailments of the child as well of the family because you are never warned when you are diagnosed with deadly diseases.

Recent revelations in the effectiveness of cord blood has evenly highlighted the importance of stem cells present in cord blood to treat some serious diseases like cancer, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many such deadly ailments. However, as of now it is a best option to think of cord blood banking as one of the safest options to ensure you protect your child and your family from future threats of certain deadly diseases.