Biological Diversity

Biodiversity is Important for Human Life

The Convention on Biological Diversity defines biodiversity as “the variability (the quality of being subject to variation) among from all living organisms like alia, terrestrial, marine and aquatic ecosystems or the ecological complexes because they are a part; this includes difference between species and of ecosystems.”

However, biodiversity includes genetic variation within species from a habitat types within landscape and area. Biodiversity properly refers to the variety of living organisms. All living organisms plays an important role in the environmental cycle of many elements like carbon, water, oxygen, nitrogen and many more. Biodiversity is important to functioning all natural and human made ecosystems. It provide foods to living beings and we all know that 80-85 percentage of food supply comes from only 20 different kinds of plants only.

Earth is a planet and we share this planet with billions of other living beings from the starting of micro-organisms like bacteria, algae, amoeba etc, and small plant (lichens) to banyan trees, mammals like bats, mouse, elephants, whales and other species. The whole and every habitat that have we live in immense biodiversity. We humans beings lives along with all living organisms in this earth from a complex web of ecological system in which we are only a par (a state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced) and highly dependent on this system for own existence. For example: plant, animals and micro-organisms re-create or re-generate the quality of the air (Oxygen) we breathe, the drinking water and the soil which produces our food without we cannot live a minute or survive. Forests play an important role in the ecological system on which all other living beings depend. Biodiversity supports ecosystem services including climate, air quality, water purification, pollination and the prevention of erosion. Non-material advantages consist of religious along with artistic worth, understanding techniques and also the worth of learning.

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