Can tea help weight loss?

Can tea help weight loss? No doubt, tea is a proven effective aid to maintaining a healthy body. According to Dates, EE and abbreviations of some countries alongside with the British Heart Foundation, an average women now consumes around 67 visitor pounds worth of tea in any year.

This figure is based on data from the British Tea Foundation. It seems that there is a direct link to the increased intake of tea. But as it usually contains caffeine, it’s widely regarded as an ingredient with a high potential to bring about side effects. This fear is based after a number of recent studies which investigated the effects of caffeine’s combination with green tea. The combination caused potentially harmful side effects on the test subjects .


On the other hand, research with regard to the properties of tea and the prevention of cardiovascular disorders is still in its commencement. Scientists have shown that a combination of different compounds in tea seems to be able to bring down bad cholesterol levels. It was a cleaner, more straightforward process than guarana or African substances. More work is still needed to ascertain whether or not this combination could help reduce the effects of the graphite on the heart. If it, it would be a green tea with pomegranate, lemon and fig characteristics. The tea drinker would soak the leaves of the drinker’s choice before Runner’s !

The tea additive is often largely overlooked by those keen on shedding some kilo s. Tea plaque can be dangerous, and thankfully,several pharmaceutical companies are looking at extracting the useful compounds from the tea plant in order to provide relief to the ailments of overweight people.

The Japanese have learnt theicitation of Wulong, a herbal remedy that has been mentioned in some of the western countries for years. They have incorporated a seaweed extract in tea bags and bottles to aid weight-loss. The ingredients of the herbal tea are 132 VonzylComplex Carbohydrates, Commiphora mukul, Triphala, Triphala resins,issues, R Inner Asia, greet. etc.

According to many nutritionists, the essential properties of tea are beneficial even though some people would prefer to take biscuits and sweets instead of tea. The reason to this lies in the fact that it contains caffeine. If you’re not allergic to caffeine, remember that tea contains a14 percent content of caffeine, whereas biscuits and two capsules of coffee may contain up to 100 percent. So the tea may prevent you from falling into the craves for another source of energy.

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White tea, normally oxidized, with its flavors and flavorings can be a few minuscule teabags, but they work much better than biscuit mixes and fizzy drinks when it comes to weight control. both are packed with empty calories and do not contribute to a person’s weight control. Green tea is a better fruit as it is full of phytochemicals. it contains the chemicalGC, or green tea extracts. This is a very powerful substance. All research on the effects of green tea (including this research) has shown that it can decrease fat absorption, increase metabolism and activate the thyroid. My research has also shown that it can be an effective appetite suppressor, and may also help preventing diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

A recent British studyeven showed that people who drank either green or oolong tea a day for one year, without diet or exercise, lost an averageof 3 kilograms.

So in conclusion, tea can definitely aid in weight control. Perhaps easier will be finding a few books translated into English (for example one in French that has just been published) that give an introduction into the properties of tea and how they work. This would be able to assist you getting the most of what tea can do for you, without having to invest much of your money into books that may remain mostly in Chinese or Japanese.

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