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Our health is our most precious asset, and we take care of our health. If we think about alternative options, natural remedies come rapidly in our mind and prefer it first. Natural remedies and herbal treatment take an upper hand than in comparison of medicines. In older age there were no medicines and hospitals, peoples take help from Vied and use the herbal medicine which was made by nature and herbal. As herbal medicines contains many natural component and use for illness without any side effects. Here I will give you some usual benefits of herbal medicines:

herbal treatmentLess Costly: Herbal medicines cost very less than synthetic medicines prescribed by doctor. Mostly same medicines have different prices in market. Which is not easy to effort for a common man? Most popular Ayurveda medicine now a day is Pantanjali from India. This was run by yoga guru Ramdev.

More Safe: Medicines are always safe, if you take them on prescription. Check the date of manufactured and expiry date. While herbal medicines are safe for a long period from date of making. Most of the herbal medicines you can made in your kitchen because they are easily available in our home. Make it on when they need.

Sade Effects: Herbal medicines almost have no side effects in comparison of prescribed medicines which are available in the market. These medicines tend to be more potent than natural. Sometimes natural medicines have side effect because some herbs are poisonous and its depend upon soil, over harvesting, wrong pesticides.

Environment Friendly: Natural herbs medicines are friendlier with nature because prescription medicines can cause many wastes and energy supplies. While herbal needs only plants and need to be harvested.

If you are searching for medicines and have confusion please make sure that which type of treatment you want. You can consult from your friends, relatives and with your doctor. You should also search in internet about the medicines.

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