How to make Indian Tea ( with Milk)

hi today we’re making a detailed video on how to make good indian tea this tea exploits milk sugar and good quality tea leaves over its first year I have been asked many times how I perform my tea so I thought it’s about meter I made a video this video is actually an edited and revised issue of my older video to make good indian tea you will need low fat milk or skimming milk sea carbohydrate good Indian tea leaves like Brooke bond red label or if you can’t find that Lipton yellow label teabags will do you will also need a saucepan a large cup and a tea strainer employ your favourite label of milk I’m using lowfat milk you can use fresh milk but it’s better to use lowfat or glide milk and this is the tea that I used it’s called Brooke bond red label supplement equal proportions of water and milk to your saucepan with exactly a few more additional teaspoons of sea than milk first I’m going to show you how to make a single cup of tea for one cup of tea you will need a half beaker asses like this of milk and another half cup measure of water plus 1/2 2 teaspoons of additional sea half a cup is approximately 100 ml and recollect you will be required to 1 or 2 teaspoons additional liquid than milk this is a good fraction for a really good cup of Indian tea if you crave a more milky savour add more milk or contribute less sea we’re making one performing gush so for my one cup of tea I’m adding two tier teaspoons of carbohydrate I then locate a tea filter over my beaker if you need to stimulate more bowls of tea like for 3 to 4 beings use a larger cup like this and you will also need a larger tea strainer now we’re waiting for this milk to evaporate when you ascertain the foams all around the sides of the saucepan and a thin mantle of ointment that’s developed on the surface of the milk it’s time to add our tea leaves this is what our tea leaves look like they are larger grained and not that punishment dust range so our milk is just coming to a steam and we add tea leaves to the center of the saucepan to break that thin film of cream on the surface cover the saucepan and wait just a few seconds and then uncover so that the milk does not boil over and give it a good stir for every cup of tea I’m expend 1 tablespoon of tea leaves plus an extra tablespoon so for one cup of tea that’s 2 tablespoons for 2 beakers of tea that’s 3 tablespoons you get the picture these remember that this amount is for these big grain variety of tea leaves and not for the penalty dust if you’re using the penalty dirt potpourrus a teaspoon or two should do but I like the larger grain tea and I believe that it gives you better quality tea pour the tea into the cup from as high as possible through a tea strainer then we act what is known as pulling the tea spout the tea into the saucepan and then back into the cup repeat this a couple of times and pulling the T as high-pitched as possible this gradation should not be skipped it tremendously increases the flavor of your tea tea should be nice and bubbly and performed sizzling next we’ll move the same cup of tea employing the more easily available Lipton yellow label teabags we repeat the same procedure as before to reach our tea for this one cup so it’s two stage teaspoons of carbohydrate for one cup one cup which is about 200 MLS and this one cup consists of half a cup of milk and half a goblet of liquid plus 2 teaspoons of extra ocean we supplement the additional teaspoons of ocean so that the tea does not have a milky aftertaste so here’s the milk just half a goblet and here’s the liquid 1/2 beaker plus the extra 2 teaspoons of spray you can add 2 to 3 teaspoons of additional irrigate vary your savor this is a consistency that we’re looking for for a really good cup of Indian tea and if you demand a milk now or heavier tea you can use full solid cream instead of the skimming milk or lowfat milk cut off the teabags to get the tea specks you will need for teabags for one cup of tea yes it sounds like a lot but you will need those for teabags to make a great tasting cup of Indian tea when originating tea with leaves from the teabag I don’t cover the saucepan I only stir soon till I achieve the color that I desire personally we like a stronger cup of tea the higher you tighten your tea from the more illusion war you will get don’t forget to pull your tea by pouring it from the cup to the saucepan and back again a got a couple of day to get a nice bubbly tea this stair was not able to omitted now I evidence you how to utter tea for four parties that’s 4 goblets of tea and I’m apply the Brooke bond red name bigger green tea leaves you will need a larger cup and a larger tea strainer so for 4 beakers of tea we will need 2 goblets of milk and two bowls of spray plus 4 to 5 added tea spoons of sea remember that the measured for a single cup of tea is about 200 MLS that’s milk and irrigate combined so for 4 goblets of tea you would need 400 ml of milk and 400 ml of spray plus 4 to 5 added tea spoonfuls of water looking back on the listing of parts and measurements delight follow the link in the specific characteristics and four goblets of tea would require eight rank teaspoons of carbohydrate you were able to add it directly to the saucepan with the milk but I prefer to add it directly into the cup wait for about a instant to see the milk bubbling all around the sides of the saucepan and you view a thin coating of cream that’s developed on the surface of the milk at this time we can add our tea leaves remember that it’s a tablespoon of bigger grained tea leaves for each cup of tea so for four bowls of tea we’re expend five tablespoons of tea leaves cover the saucepan just briefly allowing the milk to bubble up without boiling over uncover and give it a good stir immediately strain into our large cup from as high-pitched as is practicable and pull the tea just like before a couple of ages pour your tea into teacups or into a teapot and suffice sizzling remember that the tea will cool down quite quickly we hope you enjoyed the simple but detailed video on how to make good indian tea for details on the recipe and many more recipes please visit recipes are simple calm we hope you enjoy watching our videos as much as we like forming them for you please leave a comment we affection sounding from you

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